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Published on : February 10 10:22:57, 2018

The best guide and Trekking company in Nepal!
I was lucky to meet Ganesh when I was traveling in Nepal in October 2017. I went on the Annapurna Basecamp trekking with him and his porter Noresh for 11 days. Before we started the trek I had a lot of questions and Ganesh would always answer all of them patientely and immediately. We met 1 day before the trek and all the questions were answered and we were ready to go. Everything was well organized and also during the trek everything was perfect. Ganesh is a wonderful guide! his english is very good and he knows a lot about Nepal and the culture. he is very patient and answers all the questions. he is also a very funny guy and is smiling a lot and ready for a joke :-) I really enjoyed the trek and would always book again with Himalayan Wild Treks! even if you travel alone as a woman you will feel safe and comfortable with Ganesh and Noresh. I really liked the mix between talking and silence! I could also walk by myself for a few hours in silence, I really appreciated that! Thanks a lot and I will always highly recommend you my friend!

Jasmin G , Switzerland
Published on : February 10 10:04:36, 2018


Ganesh guided us on two treks, and I do not hesitate to recommend him. He has a thorough knowledge of the terrain, customs and wildlife of Nepal. One of the highlights of our trips was a visit to his home village of Gudel south of the Everest Base Camp trek where we were treated like “visiting royalty.” He was very attentive to our needs and did everything possible to ensure that our trek was safe and enjoyable. He, as well as the entire crew, were a pleasure to travel with.

Larry Green , Saskatoon, canada
Published on : February 05 16:26:12, 2018

“ If you are considering travelling or trekking in Nepal there is no better company to go with than Himalayan Wild Treks!! There aren’t words expressive enough to convey how highly I would recommend Ganesh and his team.
I truly had no business going on a trek as challenging as the Upper Dolpo adventure only 2 months after having to have an unexpected knee surgery. My stubborn spirit and the steadfast belief I had to take this trip would not let me back out of all that had been planned for most of a year. My will was strong, but sadly my endurance on some of our more challenging days simply was not what it could have and should have been. 
Ganesh and his team on the occasions I was lagging, carried my pack, went at my pace, and never once made me feel badly about being slower than the rest of my group. I will always be grateful for their unflagging kindness and good humour!
As a group our needs were unfailingly met and exceeded. (who gets a birthday cake on a trek!?!). We were so thoroughly cared for that there are some things I miss now that I am home.
Ganesh, and the team they put together worked tirelessly to make sure our experience was amazing. When I go back to Nepal, Ganesh and Himalayan Wild Treks will be my first call. “

Bobbie Deno , Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Published on : February 05 16:15:43, 2018

Ganesh guided me on 3 Nepal treks.  Everest Base Camp in 2011.  Gokyo & Island Peak(6089m) in 2012.  Annapurna Circuit in 2015.  I experienced a peaceful and contented lifestyle and Ganesh was instrumental in making it so.  Ganesh is knowledgeable and adaptable and aware and kind.  Heand his wife Maya make remarkable personal sacrifices for the future of their children Mira, Dhuki, and Nirman.  I sincerely recommend Ganesh and encourage others to support him and his family by trekking with him.


Paul R., Canada
Published on : January 16 16:14:22, 2018

We have travelled with Ganesh and his team on two separate occasions, in 2012 to Everest Base Camp and again in 2017 to the Annapurna Circuit. On both trips we have been impressed with the level of service that Ganesh provides. It’s worth noting that we have been in the older age category (ages 59 and 60 in 2012, 64 and officially a senior in 2017).  On both treks, despite some physical challenges, we have had successful treks. Ganesh’s first concern is the comfort and well being of his clients. He is very aware of the needs of his clients; if anyone is struggling, he is the first to recognize it and to make sure he is able to get the situation resolved safely.   He has lots of local knowledge so is able to answer any questions, whether about landscape or customs and culture. Ganesh listens carefully and works to accommodate any reasonable requests.  We have appreciated his choice of guides and porters not only for their professionalism and the level of service they provide, but also for their friendliness and the group culture this creates.  Trekking with Ganesh is truly an authentic Nepalese experience. 

Vern and Ruth B., Saskatoon, SK Canada