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Dolpo Region

Dolpo Mustang Trekking

“So close yet the cultural difference so huge. The people of high Dolpo still practices the nomadic lifestyle whereas, the people of Mustang practiced and enjoyed luxury even in the past because of living in...

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Upper Dolpo Trekking

Trekking along the tropical forests comprising pine trees savour the beauty of Phoksundo Lake and encounter the Bonpos at Ringmo. Traverse through high passes and witness the sacred Shey Gompas before coming across the ancient...

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Lower Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo trek truly provides an opportunity to experience the life in the remote highland. Lying in the western Himalayan region, battered by the high winds, arid and dry landscape, unbearable cold in the winter...

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Dorpatan Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo and Dhorpatan Treks lie in rain shadow of the Himalayas in the central North West of Nepal. These two remote areas hide vast wilderness rich in flora and fauna, sparsely populated and exremely beautiful,...

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Jumla RaRa Lake Trekking

This trek through the remote wilderness of western Nepal offers a superb experience of nature and a visit to Rara Lake, Nepal’s Largest Lake at 3062 meters. Beginning the trek from the mountain airstrip of...

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